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Mine Safety Appliances - World Headquarters
Pittsburgh, PA

160,000 square foot of new construction for the world headquarters of a manufacturing company.

The design responded to the company president's desire to encourage interaction among employees and departments by organizing the building around an atrium garden that flows out through the glass wall to a pond and fountains. The president's goal was achieved by placing key functions and circulation paths around the atrium to choreograph the movement and interaction of staff.

Building occupants are constantly aware of the atrium garden because of the gentle sound of the waterfall, weir and reflections in the ceiling.

The pond is located to form a foreground for the primary view of the building and is configured to accommodate future building expansion.

The polished chrome ceiling reflects the image of garden greenery deep into the office areas. The continuity of ceiling is maintained by the custom linear lighting fixtures. Custom carpeting and panel fabric achieve the desired color harmony and light reflective characteristics.