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Master Builders' Association of Western Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, PA

2,000 square feet - Entrance lobby and boardroom renovation for a construction industry member organization

The Master Builders' Association is an organization comprised of construction industry members from all over Western Pennsylvania. The organization serves to promote and advance the building industry, as well as establish and maintain high professional standards among contractors.

MBA owns and operates a private facility located in Carnegie, PA. The lobby and main board room of the facility have remained in the same condition for the last 25 years. In order to renovate these spaces, The Design Alliance worked with a member contractor in a design-build arrangement.

The design of the new space is representative of the MBA members' craft through the treatment of wood and metal detailing. In addition, the cantilevered ceiling plans emulate the horizontal architecture of the Industry Center building.

Technology was updated and hidden behind the ceiling and wall panels. The board room's unique conference table was also custom designed and built by an organization member.