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IBM Explorys Cleveland
Cleveland, OH

45,000 square feet - Architectural interior design for corporate offices

Explorys, a 2009 healthcare data analytics spin-off from the Cleveland Clinic, was acquired by IBM in 2015. Explorys is now part of IBM's Watson Health Unit. IBM wanted to provide Explorys with their new "Agile Office" work environment within 3 stories of a high rise building in downtown Cleveland. It consists of open office planning with 335 movable workstations on wheels that can be quickly be reconfigured as teaming requirements change. The workstations have adjustable height so that employees can stand and work when they wish.

It also has a variety of teaming spaces that encourage mobility and collaboration. Collaboration spaces include a 10 person conference room, (11) 6 person glass front conference rooms, (20) 2-4 person team rooms with sliding glass doors and a large kitchen area with café seating and vending.

There is also moveable lounge seating dispersed throughout the space as another seating option for employees. An open spiral stair connects the 3 floors and promotes mobility and communication within the office.

The project was designed collaboratively in 3D with visualization software to help the users of the space understand the concepts. The architectural team consisted of 4 people.