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University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg - Fitness Center
Greensburg, PA

8,000 square feet - Architectural services for a fitness center, library and academic buildings

The University of Pittsburgh's goal for the project was one of fulfilling student and staff needs for a much needed exercise facility amenity both attractive and useful. The addition takes full advantage of square footage within the existing building's footprint to develop into a dynamic feature at this previously un-addressed end of the facility. The new Coaching Suite works closely with the Fitness Center addition via a new lobby situated between the two.

On the lower level new team locker rooms serve the gym relieving pressure on the existing overtaxed restrooms/locker rooms. The Fitness Center's north fašade ties it to the existing "front door" south side of the building to finally address a busy end of campus serving both resident and commuting students.

This new facility is designed to connect various zones on the campus featuring an on-grade roof top garden area resolving the steep grades of the campus topography. The materials and systems are chosen with an eye toward limiting environmental impact and improve both occupant performance and comfort. It does this via an enhanced environment provided by incorporating advances in building design and engineering.

The views, interior gardens, comfort and day lighting all contribute to the experience for the end users while the lower operating costs and sustainability of the building.