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Generoasta Coffee Shop
Warrendale, PA

Design Competition Entry

The Generoasta Coffee Shop issued a competition for conceptual ideas for a rustic, warm, inviting coffee enjoying experience. In response to this request, TDA developed two schemes.

In both, the intent is to provide a backdrop for neighborhood activities and gatherings. By arranging the seating in a variety of heights, sizes and groupings it encourages a range of visitors and enables interaction.

Scheme One centers on a large reclaimed farm table in the middle of the space. Windows down one side are replaced with glass garage doors in order to blur the line between inside and outside space and maximize use of the outdoor patio. The serving counter is pushed to the back wall with clear signage on full height blackboard displays. Booths line one side with a curved wood slat wall above creating a more intimate space for conversation. This progression of seating options allows for a variety of activities, noise levels and group sizes.

Scheme Two places the focus on the serving island. People congregate around a central bar height counter. The shared farm table is relocated to one side to enable large groups to congregate while not disrupting the overall atmosphere. Lighting varies throughout the space centered on the seating type and arrangement.