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Eat'n Park Hospitality Group
Pittsburgh, PA

30,000 square feet - Interior architecture and interior design for corporate headquarters of hospitality group.

Eat'n Park Hospitality Group needed to consolidate multiple offices and divisions into one facility. They chose the second floor of a new office building in the rapidly expanding Waterfront District of Homestead. The 30,000 square foot floor plate is organized into four "neighborhoods", each housing a different department.

A central "main street" leading from the entry lobby to a balcony serves to link and to provide common ground for the separate neighborhoods. The reception/waiting area, kitchen, dining room and library are located along this spine.

A visual relationship to "main street" is maintained through the use of a curving carpet pattern which links the various neighborhoods. Perpendicular to the central corridor are two "cross-town boulevards" with conference rooms and support spaces. Along these boulevards are counters and niches for displaying restaurant awards and memorabilia.