Eastside Phase 2 - Building D
Pittsburgh, PA

Building D is part of a retail master plan that responds to the developer's challenge to create a vibrant urban shopping experience on the periphery of two neighborhoods and forms an important anchor to the master plan.

Sited at the corner of two major streets - South Highland Avenue, coming from the Shadyside neighborhood and Centre Avenue, a primary route in the East Liberty neighborhood - it acts as a hub for both pedestrian and vehicular circulation in the area. The master plan creates a hybrid urban retail development, which both accomodates the standard "box" and minimizes the impact of parking by creating an upper level parking and storefront retail experience. The building's massing participates in a dialogue with the existing landmarks including the curved stone facade of the building across South Highland Avenue and the presence of the vertical spires of the East Liberty Church. Building D also makes the transition between the upper two "front" faces of the development created by the upper level parking and retail storefronts with an outdoor stair the provides visual connections between the two levels and between street, storefront and marking.

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