Crown Castle Dining Area and Café
Pittsburgh, PA

7,000 square feet - Interior architecture for a dining hall on a corporate campus

The dining area, which is located on the far edge of the campus, required a compelling and unique space, different in character than other spaces within the buildings, in order to draw employees in for informal/chance meetings or scheduled appointments. The goal was to design a space with the select character typical of museum cafés; including a bright, open space with clean lines, a neutral palette and select locations that introduce color.

The dining area space seats 146 utilizing a combination of tables, chairs and banquette seating. The furniture layout has been designed, per Crown Castle’s request, in order to create a sense of community and allow a variety of seating choices. Planters are used to shelter the seating area from the main circulation path. Large pendant light fixtures and down lights, with an acoustical plank ceiling, are located above the seating area.

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