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The Bridge District Lofts
Cleveland, OH

Design Competition Entry

This proposal for the Detroit-Superior Bridge takes advantage of the unparalleled views of the surrounding context and creates a new live/work neighborhood that links Downtown Cleveland, the industrial Flats and Clevelandís West side neighborhoods. This new district will become a permanent and daily destination comprised of artistís housing, small shops and outdoor spaces that will establish a unique live/work/play community. The neighborhood is organized by "streets" and "blocks" that are made up of housing units, pedestrian walkways, plazas, squares and parks.

Artistís lofts are cantilevered over the edge of the bridge structure providing additional space within the footprint of the bridge for public walkways and "front yards" to each unit. Loft units are conceived to be live/work studios. The work studios can be oriented toward the public paths and large loft doors may be opened for display and sale of goods during craft festivals. Lofts will have private panoramic views of the city and beyond.

Public "squares" and parks are created along "Main Street" and extend beyond the bridge structure creating open air experiences not found elsewhere in the city. These public spaces support a variety of traditional neighborhood activities as well as ones unique to this arts district.