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Burns & Scalo Skyline Competition Entry
Pittsburgh, PA

Design Competition Entry

The building’s mass is broken into 5 distinct sections. Each section is roughly the scale of nearby buildings.

Each section is rotated and offset from a common, internal core. This increases daylight on the ground level and into the building, extends the open space being created by Point Park University, provides street level green spaces, creates elevated terraces, and incorporates sun shading for parts of the facade.

Each section is also offset to take advantage of scenic river valley views, as well as opportunities for unique urban perspectives.

The façades have a dominant horizontal articulation to reflect the strong lines of the river edges and adjacent highways; the gentle curve of the lenticular truss on the Smithfield Street Bridge is reflected in the curved corners of each section.

The glass façades are intended to provide an interesting texture of light, shadow and reflections during the day. At night, internal building lighting will transform the building into a faceted lantern shining on the Monongahela River.