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Alcoa Technical Center
Pittsburgh, PA

5,000 square feet of interior design work and shared team space, with flex space for presentations and meetings

As the heart of the project, the flex space functions as a display area, meeting room, kitchen, and identity center all rolled into one. Employees and clients can meet around the modernized "kitchen table", taking advantage of the custom meeting wall, flat screen monitor, and wireless network for collaboration and presentations. This area presents a fun, energetic image while effectively showcasing the client’s work.

Clients and consultants may need a touch-down area for a few hours or even a few weeks. The hotelling area’s semi-private workstations provide connectivity and easy access to the space’s amenities.

Two customer project rooms were provided so teams could separately work on projects for competing clients in the same general area. Workstations have lower panel heights and a smaller footprint to encourage teaming, with rolling screens adding an element of visual privacy. Each room has two long presentation walls with conference tables, allowing teams to meet spontaneously without reserving space elsewhere. Break-out rooms were provided for client interaction and for team members who need a quiet place to work.