American Eagle Outfitters - Quantum III
Pittsburgh, PA

150,220 square feet - New corporate headquarters consisting of the consolidation of Warrendale office locations into two buildings.

American Eagle Outfitters' 19 Hot Metal location was designed to relate to the 77 Hot Metal interior, built previously. It repeats many of the same characteristics and aesthetics: floor plans leave natural light for the open office areas around the perimeter and internal offices utilize glazing partitions to benefit from the borrowed natural light. Goals of the design were to create positive energy through visibility and collaboration; to maintain an atmosphere that was open and bright, where movement could be seen to act as a catalyst for productivity.

The 19 Hot Metal facility has a first floor, state-of-the-art Fitness Center and Juice Bar which look onto a private terrace and the river beyond. The terrace also allows security access to the South Side Bike Trail. These amenities further assist in recruiting and encourage employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a value also encouraged of AEO customers within the Brand.

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