Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall - Lobby Renovation
Pittsburgh, PA

2,100 SF - Historic renovation of a theater lobby

The Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall (ACFL&MH) is one of only three remaining libraries in the U.S. that Andrew Carnegie endowed. Among its architectural details the scale, proportion and axial alignment convey a sense of dignity, importance – and permanence.

Until recently, that permanence was imperiled. Decades of downwardly spiraling poverty left the ACFL&MH barely able to keep its doors open. Water damage in particular was widespread and insidious.

The ACFL&MH’s fortunes turned almost 10 years ago with the launching of an ambitious capital campaign. Nearly $7 million later, the ACFL&MH is structurally sound, weatherproof, accessible and once again the pride of Carnegie.

The first major interior improvements began in the Music Hall Lobby, including:
• Where possible, original architectural elements were restored or rebuilt.
• As the building pre-dated extensive artificial lighting, fixtures from the 1930s were restored and supplemented with indirect illumination.
• Decorative plaster was restored, including complete replacement.
• Decorative painting was restored to original color and schemes.

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